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Modern Design Italian Leather Sofas Collection

The Calia Maddalena’s modern Italian leather sofas collection is born from the fusion of high-quality materials and the novelty of lines to add an extra touch of beauty to any living environment.

Our Italian leather sofas and armchairs stand out for their style and versatility, thanks to the rich variety of modern & design Italian sofa and the possibility to adapt the measurements of your sofa to specific room conditions.

All Our Italian leather furniture is made of genuine leather. We buy materials for our Italian sofas; (wood, rubber, leather, steel etc.) exclusively from specialized upholstery manufacturers located in Altamura, Santeramo in Colle, Gravina in Puglia and Matera. We never use fabric, faux leather, eco leather or split leather.

All our modern Italian leather furniture design is thoroughly tested by our prototype department before being put into production.

We carry out shipping and installation by ourselves.

We provide a two year warranty on the whole product.

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Alaska Leather Sofa

A model that combines simplicity of the lines and modernity of detail


Amanda Leather Sofa

A full-leather panoramic corner suite with a comfortable quilted seat and arms


America Leather Sofa

Elegant and soft leather sofa with simple, straightforward design


Angela Leather Sofa

Excellent leather sofa very modern and avant-garde, with a delicious, futuristic and attractive look


Anthea Leather Sofa

A leather sofa in simple but original design. Two arms are incrementally adjustable


Aramis Leather Sofa

Large and impressive corner suite fully in Italian leather with comfortable chaise long


Arca Leather Sofa

Contemporary country-style Italian leather sofa with a high backrest and deep seat


Arena Leather Sofa

Modern design sofa created to add a touch of class and simplicity to your lounge


Avalon Leather Sofa

Excellent Italian leather sofa with wide seat, made in stylish square stitches


Barmen Leather Sofa

This elegant modern sofa designed in clean straight lines embodies the pure idea of Beauty


Bilbao Leather Sofa

A modern Italian leather sofa shaped in neo-classical style with original lines


Boxer Leather Sofa

It’s a neo-classic leather sofa with 2 seats and wooden legs. The sofa has an interesting linear look


Brooklyn Leather Sofa

Excellent modern style with attractive look and simple design


Concorde Leather Sofa

An extremely modern and versatile corner suite suitable for any contemporary living room


Corazon Leather Sofa

A panoramic corner leather sofa with a large round terminal providing additional sitting space


Cordoba Leather Sofa

A beautiful corner sofa with adjustable backrests, made of thick leather


Corona Leather Sofa

Corona sofa was produced to add a touch of design and modernity to your living room


Dolby Leather Sofa

An Italian leather sofa designed in clean-cut lines with stylized wide arms and a high backrest


Domenica Leather Sofa

This sofa is especially designed to provide you with a major rest, available in different sizes.


Duplex Leather Suite

High-class clean cut leather sofa of unique Italian design with incrementally adjustable collars


Elegance Leather Sofa

Elegance is a perfect embodiment of Italian artisanship in its purest ergonomic form


Enterprise Leather Sofa

Beautiful modern Italian leather sofa with wide seats and high backs


Ercole Leather Sofa

A comfortable sofa for maximum relaxation and comfort, with double-stitching


Escort Leather Sofa

Beautiful and design sofa in Italian leather, with large seats and stylish arms of synthetic cotton


Family Leather Sofa

A nice sofa suite for a modern living room with adjustable backrests and soft arm cushions


Fantasy Leather Sofa

Sofa suite original and design with one big seat, very comfortable, soft and smooth


Forma Leather Sofa

High demand Italian leather suite with adjustable backrests and stainless steel base


Fox Leather Sofa

Beautiful and very comfortable Italian leather sofa with modern and original design


Gabbiano Leather Sofa

A different version of Anthea sofa, more compact and more design, with a single seat cushion


Galaxy Leather Sofa

Galaxy is the most precious piece of our leather sofa collection with futuristic design and commodity


Gordon Leather Sofa

New entry leather corner suite: it has big and spacious seats and foldable backs

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Leather Sofa

Grand Hotel Sofa is not only a relaxing place, but also a good meeting corner for all your family


Guardian Leather Sofa

Excellent Italian Leather sofa with modern look and traditionnal design


Highlife Leather Corner

Excellent corner sofa with high back, smooth arm, large terminal and comfortable seat


History Leather Sofa

This corner sofa provides an exceptional comfort thanks to the sessions of real goose down


Home Leather Sofa

Another contemporary leather sofa with extremely soft seat and back filled with goose feather


Honda Leather Sofa

One of the most modern-looking leather sofas in our collection, available in different configurations


Honey Leather Sofa

A wide-seat and comfortable sofa with adjustable backrests and jewellery design


Houston Leather Sofa

Very cozy, spongy and smooth Italian leather sofa with cushions stuffed with real goose feather


Ibiza Leather Sofa

One of our latest creations in the range of designer very special leather sofas


Incanto Leather Sofa

An excellent technological couch. It has a cutting edge design and futuristic lines


Infinity Leather Sofa

Excellent sectional sofa INFINITY with round corner, 4 folding backs and deep and high seats...


King Leather Suite

With this model, our designers sought to satisfy most demanding customers in terms of convenience


Knight Leather Sofa

Excellent Italian leather sofa with original design and stainless steel ornament around the arms


Lady Leather Sofa

Very original Italian leather sofa with two large arms can be used as seats each for up to two people


Lolita Leather Sofa

Design and charme, beauty and temptation are the exact words to present this excellent Italian sofa


London Leather Sofa

Excellent new-classic sofa with traditionnal look and very comfortable seat in high quality polyurethane foam


Manchester Leather Sofa

Elegant and austere neo-modern leather sofa, fully customizable by colour and dimensions


Master Leather Sofa

A stylish leather sofa of unique design, its distinctive feature are narrow rounded arms


Melinda Leather Sofa

A modern sofa made entirely of leather with a simple but elegant design


Memphis Leather Sofa

Contemporary sofa in neo-classical style made entirely in leather with steel front feet


Mobydick Leather Sofa

An impressive and important-looking sofa shaped in neo-classical lines with solid design

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Leather Sofa

Monte Carlo is the one of the most comfortable and soft leather sofa of our collection


Musica Leather Sofa

Excellent Italian leather sofa with two or three comfortable folding backs and large arms


Nelson Leather Sofa

Attractive Italian leather sofa combines exclusive neo-classic design and contemporary look


Nerone Leather Sofa

Large and imposing leather sofa designed in neo-classical lines, for large homes and offices


Nicola Leather Sofa

An imposing yet elegant and refined sofa made with the attention to every detail


Nirvana Leather Sofa

Nirvana will fill your living room with a rare elegance and sympathy


Olga Leather Sofa

Olga has foldable smooth back shoulders, a big chaise-long and soft arm cushions


Oscar Leather Sofa

Modern and design sofa with 2 power electric recliner units and one chaise-long


Penelope Leather Sofa

Original sofa with special design for those looking for complete relaxation


Portos Leather Sofa

Original modern sofa with feet and armrest supports in polished stainless steel


Puglia Leather Sofa

One of the best-selling leather sofas of our collection, a spectacular piece for your living room


Quantum Leather Sofa

This is the sofa that you need in your house, to create a meeting point with your family


Quattro Leather Sofa

Here's a great sofa, beautiful and impressive: great seats, great armrests and great comfort


Residence Leather Sofa

This modern sofa is a jewel of modern design created to give your lounge a very particular look


Roberta Leather Sofa

Beautiful Chaise Longue with futuristic design and full of elegance


Santa Leather Sofa

Modern looking leather sofa, available in two versions: with steel feet or with table base


Santo Leather Sofa

A sofa of notable comfort and beauty, two armrest cushions and a headrest included


Simona Leather Sofa

A leather sofa or corner suite with original design of the seats with double stitched square pattern


Slalom Leather Sofa

The Slalom is the latest innovation in the sofa industry: 2 back cushions with slide on seat


Stargate Leather Sofa

Stargate is an exclusive model of our company, different from all leather sofas you may find


Stonehead Leather Sofa

Stonehead has an excellent seat and restfull back cushions made with real goose feather


Tibet Leather Sofa

An original neo-classic sofa, with rounded lines which will make you completely relaxed


Tim Leather Sofa

Clean cut square-shaped sofa with two adjustable backrests, extendable seats and steel legs


Torino Leather Sofa

Nice contemporary leather sofa designed in classical lines, with the steel decoration on the sides


Tornado Leather Sofa

Another big sectional sofa with wide seats, made entirely in high quality Italian leather


Twenty Leather Sofa

A very comfortable sofa for spacious interiors with adjustable backrests and armrests


Venice Leather Sofa

Marvelous Italian leather sofa with pleasant round lines, and spongy, smooth cushions


Vindov Leather Sofa

A leather sofa of incredible design with spacious seats, adjustable backrests, and quilted sides


Tim Leather Voyager

This spacious sofa combines an original modern design with great comfort and cosiness


Whynot Leather Sofa

A stylish Italian leather sofa with comfortable deep seats and adjustable backrests


William Leather Sofa

It’s a beautiful leather sofa with chaiselong, very comfortable seats, and backs adjustable

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