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About Calia Maddalena - Italian Leather Furniture

With the opening of our United Kingdom branch, Calia Maddalena is proud to bring the quality of real 100% Italian leather Furniture to the UK. Our staffs are eager to help you for furnish your living room with a true “Made in Italy” product of exceptional taste and quality. Working with our UK branch is virtually the same as working with our head office in Italy with no added fees and “middle man” headache. Simply put, your sofa will come from our factory in Italy straight to your living room.

In its humble beginning in 1989, Calia Maddalena was founded as a small 1200 sq ft laboratory in the town of Altamura in the Puglia region of Southern Italy by Giacobbe Moschettini, who began his operation with just three employees: Nicola, Antonio and Peppino. Calia Maddalena has since grown to become one of the leading leather sofa manufacturers in Europe with having branches in Italy, France, US and Israel:

In the years to follow, the market for Italian leather furniture and sofas boomed and the region of Puglia saw a major influx of leather sofa factories and distributors. The added competition gave Calia Maddalena an incentive to soar and become an industry leader for exporting more than 8600 sofas per year and supplying Italian furniture to the Italian market with 4000 items on a yearly basis.

Calia Maddalena has an expert staff with years of experience in manufacturing only the highest quality leather furniture. 100% of our sofas are made in Altamura, Italy and our materials are coming exclusively from Italian manufacturers. Calia Maddalena only uses top quality leather cured and tanned in Arzignano and Vicenza, Italy. You will never find second choice leather, faux leather or leather crust on any of our sofas. As an industry leader, we take great pride in our “MADE IN ITALY” label and it represents the world famous quality.

Created specifically for UK, website brings the elegance of Italian leather Furniture to your living room straight from our factories in Italy.

We provide extensive services for importers, distributors, retailers and Italian furniture stores. Please contact us directly at for our special conditions and prices.

Our products are in continuous development. We add 5-10 new styles monthly to keep up-to-date with new markets. Furthermore, we are able to make bespoke sofas according to your specifications or a simple photograph. Just give us a bell or email us at You will be surprised how affordable our prices are.