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Italian Leather Sofas Calia Maddalena Italian Leather Furniture

Over the past 28 years, Calia Maddalena is providing an inspiring collection of the handcrafted leather sofas for our customers. These sofas are made with the finest material combined with the pride of our craftsmanship, who is crafting these sofas for our valuable customers in the Italian Leather sofa factory of Altamura (BA), Italy. There is verity of luxury Italian sofas are available in Calia Maddalena.

Modern Sofas: Modern sofas are having big corners, section, and U-shaped suites. Sofas with chaise lounges and adjustable backs are also available for your personal relaxation and an elegant look to your room.

Classical Sofas: Luxury, vintage, Chesterfield and neo-classical models are included in classical sofas. In classical sofas, the client can choose the number of seats they want. The options that we are providing are 2, 3 and 4 seats.

Sofa-beds: various options are available in sofa-beds including double and single, pull out and convertible with a storage container and sofa-bed peninsulas having various designs and styles.

Our company provides only the highest quality furniture made of the finest leather. Each and every sofa, ordered from our company is produced and transported directly from our Italian factory.

Calia Maddalena is the top luxury Italian sofas manufacturer with exclusive serves, provided everywhere and at any time. Our company aims at delivering top quality products and we try our best to bring sofas straight to the customers’ homes. Each sofa bought from our company is brought directly to the living room of the customer. There’s nothing to worry for you, no transportation costs or any other extra costs. Your orders will be delivered to your home by our polite and qualified employees. Hence, you wouldn’t be facing any issues with the handling of the sofas or any other such hassles wouldn’t be faced by you.

Our motto is Aristotle’s quote: “Our excellence is not an act, it’s a habit”.

What is the image of our company?

Calia Maddalena is an outstanding italian leather sofas manufacturers. It has highly skilled professionals and qualified specialists for creating and manufacturing sofas of elite quality. We have a wide range of products which is made of best materials available and is modeled by the extraordinary craftsman of our company. Sofas for any taste and preference are available in our company and all the customers get something that they like and cherish.

Italian custom made sofas are extremely high quality and reliable!

In our huge collection of sofas, customers can choose between four types of leathers: high quality, old style savage leather, crocodile leather, and Primo Fiore leather. The models of the sofa range from home furniture to special custom sofas. There are various color, tinges and forms of the sofas which can be chosen by the customer according to their own preference.

In addition to that, if for any reason you are not happy with our present range of furniture then our company will offer you a unique chance to order a custom sofa for yourself. We are ready to serve you the sofas of your choice, having any size, color or design. Our aim is to make sure our customers are going home on the sofa of their preference, without compromising on the product quality.

Calia Maddalena sofas’ quality is unchallenged.

As discussed before, all our sofas are 100% handcrafted from cutting to sewing the material. In our service of 28 years, we have become experienced in the creation of unique leather sofas embodying beauty, elegance, and wonder. Our sofas are produced in Italy and delivered straight to the customer's house. Our foremost priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Hence, our staff makes sure that our consumers are pleased and content with our services and products. We are keen on serving our customers in the best possible way. Moreover, our staff is readily available to answer the queries of clients immediately through email or telephone. This is one of the features which makes us unique among our competitors.

Our company stands out in the target group because of our exceptional services and attitude towards our customers. Furthermore, constant efforts are being made by our company for setting new standards in quality and for providing constant support to our customers.