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Italian Leather Sofas Factory - Calia Maddalena

All Calia Maddalena leather sofas are handcrafted at the factory in Altamura (BA), Italy.

Modern sofas: corner and U-shaped suites; sofas with chaise lounges and adjustable backs; for your personal relaxation and a designer look to your room.

Classical sofas: Chesterfield, luxury, vintage and neo-classical models; 2, 3 and 4 seater sofas.

Sofa-beds: double and single, pull-out and convertible, with storage container and sofa-bed peninsula.

All our sofas and armchairs are made of the best leather on the market.

Our companies provide only the highest quality furniture.

New United Kingdom branch is a new branch of Calia Maddalena Group, created specifically for the UK. Our key feature is a unique service which is focused on convenience for each customer. Any sofa that you order in Calia Maddalena, shall be made especially for you at our factory in Altamura and accurately delivered right to your living-room! You should not worry about the difficulties, delays and additional costs associated with shipping through third-party transportation companies. Our experienced and friendly staff, who care about the image of the company, will deliver you your sofa safe and sound as soon as possible.

Who are we?

Calia Maddalena manufactures leather sofas since 1989. Currently Calia Maddalena is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of leather sofas in Italy. Our talented and professional designers created an extensive collection of Italian leather sofa, corresponding to the highest standards of quality and style. Our manufacture ensures production of exceptionally high quality products: all the models of leather sofas offered on this website are made of top-quality materials in compliance with all the environmental standards. True world-class quality! Our catalog is focused on a maximum variety and will let you find a perfect model of leather sofa for a person with any taste and income. Our direct objective is to meet and satisfy all the preferences and wishes of the client and let him enjoy the beauty and comfort of genuine Italian leather furniture for many years.

To be more specific?

Each sofa from our wide collection can be produced using 4 different grades of the highest quality leather: Italian HQ Leather, Crocodile Leather, Buffalo Leather and Savage Old Style Leather. You can order a sofa both for an everyday family use and premium or business class sofa. There is a large variety of hundreds of color solutions to choose from, thus you can be sure that you get exactly what you like. Moreover, if you still can not find what you want, Calia Maddalena makes it possible for you to order a custom sofa. It means that you can specify any size, color and design for your leather sofa and we will make your perfect sofa with the same accuracy and the same guarantees of quality. In any case, your living room will get the sofa, which is ideal for you. Calia Maddalena has never experienced any dissatisfaction from clients or complaints about the quality of the product.

And about the quality

By their quality Calia Maddalena sofas are better than any samples of mass production. The Italian leather sofa we make is a result of hand-made work of true masters, from processing the leather to stitching the seams and making the ornament. For more than 20 years of experience Calia Maddalena has mastered the art of creating elegance: our leather sofas are the epitome of beauty and delight. All the sofas are made in Italy, and then delivered to our customers throughout Europe, and today in the UK. So now it’s easy to order leather sofa online directly from our online store. We appreciate the priorities of our clients and are ready to do even more to make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with our services. An integral part of our business model is a comprehensive customer support. We guarantee that whenever our clients are trying to communicate with us by phone or by e-mail, they will receive an instant response from the company. High level of confidence is what distinguishes Calia Maddalena out of hundreds of other companies.

Leather sofa America offer offer
America 3 Seater Leather Sofa£2145£2550
Leather sofa Arena offer offer
Arena 3 Seater Leather Sofa£1990£2350
Leather sofa Elegance offer offer
Elegance Corner Suite£4690£5500

We are at your full disposal to help you get the best leather sofa as per your specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free of charge quotation.

Our prices are very reasonable and you can save even more with our special offers, discounts and regular promotional sales.
You can purchase our exclusive Italian leather sofa online from our online stores conveniently.